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How It Works

  • Place your order - Instant activation
  • Receive account info e-mail
  • Download the tunnel and log in
  • Configure your browser
  • Configure other software if needed

Major Features

  • Automatic acct. creation
  • Helpdesk for support
  • Hides you from your ISP
  • Hides you from server logs
  • Uses encryption
  • Affiliate program for webmasters

Recent Updates - 2012

  • July 5: Added Firefox extension for easy browser set-up
  • July 5: Updated old instructions and added new instructions
  • June 25: Tracking bugs fixed in affiliate software
  • June 25: Affiliate program now in second phase of beta test
Browse The Web Anonymously and Unblock Websites | VectroTunnel
Extremely Secure Proxy Tunnel
  • Instant Account Activation
  • Browse the Web Anonymously
  • Unblock Web Sites
  • Privacy from Your ISP
  • No Need to Visit a Web Proxy
  • Easy Firefox Extension
  • Works on Popular Browsers
  • Works on iPad and iPhone
  • Play Web Videos
  • Compatible with Flash

Security, privacy and the ability to bypass network filters

How a Proxied Connection Works

Diagram of How a Proxied Connection Works


Browse the Web Anonymously

Your IP Address is your calling card on the Internet. It is displayed in the log files of every web site and other services you visit on the Internet. You might be wondering, how does a proxy hide my IP address? It does so by acting as a surrogate between you and the site you are visiting. First, you connect to the proxy, then from there you connect to the resource you wish to visit. VectroTunnel can do this with the added security of creating an encrypted tunnel between you and the server. This even hides your activity from your Internet provider. They cannot see what goes through.

Proxy Webmasters Earn 50% Comission Monthly

Proxy webmasters can use the VectroTunnel affiliate program to promote this service and earn 50% of all monthly sales. This means recurring income for the entire time the customer is retained. The minimum payout is $20. Payouts are made on a monthly basis via PayPal.


Unblock Websites

It is unfair that many ISPs, universities, business offices and governments block access to certain web sites. Free access to information and using the Internet as a free speech tool is a basic human right, especially where oppressive governments are concerned. Using this service, you can bypass these restrictions and unblock your favorite websites while staying concealed at the same time. Unblock Facebook and log in without limitations. Access videos and use it as a YouTube unblocker. There are no special proxy websites to visit, just configure your browser and surf like normal.

Have Questions?

Please don't hestitate to ask any questions you have before signing up for the service or the affiliate program. You can use the contact form or send e-mail.



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